Organic Krill Oil: The Omega-3 Marine Oil Without Preservatives

"Organic" foods, as you probably know, come from plants and animals that are grown without conventional pesticides or certain types of fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones.

Most significantly for purposes of this discussion, organic food must also be free of artificial food additives. These include various chemical preservatives that help keep food fresh.

Are preservatives bad for you?
The debate rages on, and many experts say Yes.

So when you choose a marine oil, make it Neptune Krill Oil (NKO™). While fish oil needs preservatives to keep it from going rancid, the exceptionally high antioxidant content of krill oil along with Neptune's patented extraction technology keep it in a state of unmatched stability without preservatives.

Always look for the "NKO" Trademark on Any Private-Labeled Krill Oil

  • It's free of preservatives and additives
  • It's sterile, free of heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and pesticides, and is scientifically proven safe for human consumption.
  • It's the only oil from krill with FDA approval as a new dietary supplement with worldwide regulatory approval

It's the cutting edge nutritional supplement that addresses some of the largest health concerns in the world today. Explore this site for more details. Then start nourishing every cell in your body with the goodness of pure organic Neptune Krill Oil every day!

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Precautions: If you are pregnant, nursing, allergic to fish or shellfish, have a blood coagulation condition, are taking anticoagulants such as warfarin, or are currently under a physician's care for a health condition, please consult a healthcare professional prior to use.

NKO™ is a trademark of its manufacturer, Neptune Technologies and Bioresources, Inc.