Fish Oil Helps Weight Loss, Studies Show

Weight loss with fish oils has been scientifically proven by researchers at the University of South Australia. If you ask researcher Allison Hill "Does fish oil help you lose weight?" she'll say yes. "How can that be?" you might ask. As she told Reuters News Service in 2006, "The omega-3 found in fish oil increases fat-burning ability by improving the flow of blood to muscles during exercise." In other words, if you exercise, omega-3 helps you use fat for energy instead of storing it.

As you know, most people try to eliminate fats from their diets when they want to lose weight. But there's one kind of fat that you should feed your body in order to lose weight, and that's polyunsaturated fat. Your best source of polyunsaturated fats is omega-3 essential fatty acids. Fish oil was the richest form of omega-3 until krill oil came on the market, and we'll explain that claim in a moment. First, a quick summary of two studies on weight loss and omega 3.

"We were very surprised..."

The University of South Australia study evaluated 68 overweight and obese people in four groups for three months.

One group took fish oil and another took sunflower oil daily, and walked or ran for 45 minutes three times weekly. Two other groups were given fish oil or sunflower oil but no exercise. The only people who lost any weight were those in the one group that took omega-3 fish oil and exercised. "We were very surprised to see it (fish oil) was so effective, especially since these people were eating whatever they wanted," Hill said.

Omega-3 Lowers Insulin, thus Boosting Fat Metabolism

Another study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, showed that omega 3 fish oil lowered insulin levels by 50%, making it possible for the fish oil group to burn 26% more calories than the non-fish oil group. Insulin inhibits the body's ability to break down fat and use it for energy, resulting in fat storage from excess calories.

Everything Fish Can Do, Krill Can Do Better

Yes it can, yes it can, yes it can. Krill are tiny marine crustaceans providing the richest form of omega-3 essential fatty acids ever seen in science. And the only company with the wherewithal to bring you the krill's fullest nutritional potential is Neptune Technologies and Bioresources, Inc., the makers of genuine Neptune Krill Oil (NKO™). Simply, no other brand will do! You get:

  • Superior Bioavailability (the amount your cells absorb). The omega 3 in Neptune krill oil is in the form of phospholipids: the very building blocks of your cells. This makes it nearly 100% bioavailable vs. fish oil's 65%.
  • Superior Antioxidant Power. Krill oil is the only animal source of esterified astaxanthin, a super-antioxidant that makes it 48 times more powerful than fish oil for neutralizing free radicals, slowing down the aging clock and protecting you from degenerative disease. And because it's esterified, 100% of this powerful antioxidant will penetrate your cells.
  • Superior Quality - 100% Safe. Krill are never exposed to the dangerous contaminants affecting many fish species, so you'll never have to worry about whether you're getting mercury, PCBs, pesticides or cancer-causing dioxins in your marine oil supplements!
  • Lasting Freshness Without Preservatives. No worries about rancid product or unhealthy preservatives as found in fish oil capsules.

You've Just Found the Most Effective Marine Oil Mother Nature Ever Made

It's what scientists and solid clinical research have proven to be "Nature's Perfect Recipe:" an elixir of phospholipids, antioxidants and omega-3s with no equal in nature for supporting human health. In fact, it's these three components upon which all of life depends.

Neptune Krill Oil is sold under the private labels of several different companies. Always look for the NKO trademark on any label. Explore this site for the whole story of the most powerful marine oil Mother Nature ever made. Then make genuine NKO™ your daily staple for the vast array of health benefits it has to offer, including but not limited to help with weight loss.1

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