The Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are nutritional vitamins and minerals and biological enzymes that combat harmful oxidative damage to your cells, genetic material, tissues and artery walls. Oxidation is caused by the unavoidable "free radicals" constantly forming in the body as a natural byproduct of breathing. While some protect against infection and convert food and air into chemical energy, others can cause damage that hastens aging and opens the door to disease. Unless the benefits of antioxidants are brought to bear.

You get antioxidants from the food you eat and from supplements. Called "free radical scavengers," they interact with free radicals in a way that can arrest their activity before the damage is done. But in doing so, the antioxidants themselves become oxidants, so they must be replaced constantly. However, too many antioxidants may be harmful. It seems that scientists haven't determined the proper dosage. That's why you need to eat a well balanced diet, avoid processed foods and synthetic vitamins/antioxidants, and buy whole food (not synthetic) antioxidant dietary supplements. This helps the body regulate and balance the optimum antioxidant levels.

Researchers everywhere believe that free radical damage is a major cause of aging and of at least 60 different ailments and diseases. For example, if free radicals damage genetic material (DNA and RNA), the result can be cancer. They attack fatty compounds in the bloodstream, and that's associated with heart disease. They destroy protein, and that may cause liver damage, kidney damage and cataracts. They cause collagen breakdown, which affects aging; and age pigments, which impair cell function. This and the long list of other ailments and deadly diseases implies that the potential benefits of antioxidants range far and wide.

The antioxidants in krill oil consist of Vitamins A and E, a novel flavonoid, and astaxanthin. The latter is found in algae, which is the krill's only food. Thus the astaxanthin in krill is not only potent but esterified, making it:

  • 7.5% more potent than ordinary astaxanthin and
  • 100% bioavailable to your cells.

You get the full benefit. And the ORAC antioxidant value of Neptune Krill Oil (NKO™), for example, is 47 times higher than omega-3 fish oil and 302 times higher than Vitamins A and E. No other animal gives you such a potent form of astaxanthin.

The benefits of krill oil don't end with its super-antioxidant power. Explore this site for the rest of the story and you'll readily see why krill oil is far superior to fish oil in support of optimum health1. Then put the whole food goodness of krill oil supplements to work on every cell in your body and brain, every day!

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